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A new Chatime branch just opened in a convenient location, and they're offering buy 1 get 1 free until 2nd November. (Considering how popular it's been, they might shorten the duration..) It's located at Burwood's Murray Arcade, just a few minutes from the train station.Given I've been drinking so much of it, I thought I might as well note down some of the tastes before I forget. XD Large is $0.50 more than Regular. They have a loyalty card that you pay $0.50 for but which cannot be used during this promotion.

(Large lychee black teas with mixed jelly, matcha green tea with lychee jelly, and kumquat lemon juice with lychee jelly)

Large Japanese Genmaicha with egg pudding ($4.70+$0.50): The genmaicha was rather dusky in taste! Not very sweet at all, with a smoky aftertaste. I bought this drink, but Niisama decided he liked it, and commented that it might be the arsonist in him. It is true the aftertaste is a bit like ashes. So we swapped drinks, haha. The egg pudding was delicious; it was served in a chunk at the bottom of the cup, which was easily sucked up through the straw. Sweet, smooth, and a good contrast to the mild taste of the tea. (You can, however, as for 1/2 sugar, 3/4 sugar, extra sugar, or double sugar~~ XD)

* Large Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh Black Tea with pearls ($4.70+$0.50): My brother had this one. Mom commented that it tasted rather strongly of chrysanthemum, and was rather sweet. I find that hard to believe considering what I've had so far! Then again, I've always had a sweeter tooth than mom. I tried this again today and it tastes like chrysanthemum tea, just nice in terms of sweetness. Perfect with pearls.

* Regular Matcha Tea Latte with Lychee jelly ($4.50+$0.50): I actually had this before the genmaicha, but they're similar in that neither is very sweet, the sweetness instead carried by the topping. It was a bit of an odd combi but I got used to it, and it was pretty nice. My only gripe is the tea tasted a bit grainy, not unlike green tea in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Some will probably like this, but I find it not quite my cuppa. (It's probably powdered matcha they used..)

* Large Kumquat Lemon Juice with Lychee jelly ($4.70+$0.50): This came with a cute dried prune and slice of orange floating in the drink. Refreshing taste. A bit sour. I liked this one, and would drink it again.

* Large Honey Pomelo Juice with Mixed jelly ($4.70+$0.50): I was expecting more of this since mom said it tasted nice. I found it was a bit diluted in taste, and the taste itself reminded me of honey lemon lozenges. -_- It also came with orange rinds that you could suck up through the straw. That didn't really help the drink, though...

Large Apple Juice with Honey Vinegar with Mixed Jelly ($5.20+$0.50): I don't understand why my parents bought this more expensive drink. -wry- It tastes pretty much like mild apple juice; apple juice mixed with green tea and maybe some honey to soften the acidity. What was really nice about this drink was the floating apple bits, which tasted not unlike aloe vera and were little bursts in my mouth. Addictive even with my meh attitude towards apple juice. ^^

* Large Lychee Black Tea with Mixed Jelly ($4.70+$0.50): I only tried a few sips of this one. There was a strange tangy aftertaste that I didn't really favour.

* Large Lemon QQ ($5.20): When mom bought this I was like whyyy~~~ but it's actually quite nice! It's lemonade with coconut jelly and pearls, so pretty much toppings included. I like their pearls~~


It's not that I haven't been grateful for stuff, but.....I've been lazy.

I'm grateful for good grades for the past semester. :) Grateful that I'm watching Inception this Saturday, and as always, grateful that I have niisama.

UPDATE 29th Oct 2010 - Some have been reinstated. (What, did people actually claim for Forzieri Italia? >.>) Darrell Lea has been added, though it's hardly wine and dine. XD dstore and Amazon added, pity I don't shop there...there's also a $20 voucher for Supré that I thought was a bit surprising. :)

I'm also grateful for survey sites that allow me to earn money.

One of them is Your Voice, which appeared to be owned by AC Nielsen but seems to recently have changed over to some random called SSI Surveys. (Did anyone notice that the full name of the company says Survey Sampling International Surveys? ...) Since the change..
* I've noticed a lot more surveys. Good thing. Rewards for surveys are still phenomenally-good. (Like upwards of $5 a survey good.)
* The emails look a bit nicer, and surveys can actually be done/continued straight from email.
* BUT the reward scheme has become woefully-untransparent. Their 'Reward Claim' page only lists four kinda-rotating (I say kinda because I've only seen 8 rewards listed, maximum.) When I emailed them to ask for a list because I didn't want to commit to a claim without knowing what the hell was available, I got a 'Sorry, no can do' reply. Or, to be exact, "We are in the process of making the entire WebShop available for preview but unfortunately at the moment, this is not available." No reason why.

Before the changeover, we were told that 'Your total e-points balance will be available to you, along with our most popular rewards.' I emailed them to ask which were most popular, and was told, "At the moment our most popular reward items are the Coles Myer, JB hifi and Westfield gift cards." Funny how none of those three are now available, eh.

For those who wanted to know, and who somehow manage to find this page, I've done a claim, and listed the current rewards available below. You decide if they're worth spending your points on, or whether you're gonna wait for the Coles and Westfield cards to go back on the list. Amounts are in AUD unless stated otherwise.
List..Collapse )



I'm grateful today for databases like MIMS.

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Sep. 20th, 2009

I'm grateful for savings and a credit card.

On the relationship front, I'm not so grateful. I wish I had more money. I wish I weren't so obsessed with saving up. I wish I could just be happy for long stretches of time. I wish I had someone to talk to about this, and that I'm trusted enough for people to talk to me when they have problems too. Except I don't know people all that much, do I?

Sometimes I feel like I'm a failure at being a human being. And sometimes I wish I didn't cry so much.

I wish Marbles were here. I'm sorry. For not thinking it was serious enough to go to the vet. For not taking better care of you. But thank you. I think you're probably the only one who was always there for me, even though it wasn't very long.

Today, I'm grateful for free movies.

I'm also grateful to have someone to commit to! (500) Days of Summer looks pretty interesting, even though, like for District 9, I seem to have already spoilered myself. :( Ah well, it's the journey that counts! Also, that's a nice picture below...

And for anyone who's free this evening, I still have a spare (free) ticket to watch the above movie at George Street GU. :P

Aug. 20th, 2009

I'm grateful for shiny things today. =)
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Hungry in the morning..

Today, I am grateful we don't have big alien Transformers trying to kill our sun. But then we wouldn't have awesome Autobots either..XD Though Jetfire is pretty cool! He has a cane. And a beard. Somehow I was reminded of House, heh.

I'm glad niisama came over. :) He's always so nice and huggable! And he helped buy LotR and Baldur's Gate~! Yay~ Thanks dear. :) We started on LotR, but it isn't easy and we died on Normal. XD I tried Road to Isengard after he left and died on Normal too. Zzz.

I liked the game, though. I'm grateful for nice cake and Dad turning 50. =) I guess I shouldn't have bought him games cos he really should exercise more! Oops.

I'm glad because of $9 movies. :)

Thinking of getting an LG Renoir with my next plan...has anyone had bad/good experiences with it? The Virgin booth guy at Burwood yesterday was really sucky and unhelpful. -_- Not to mention the phones at the booths are duds, but I really didn't like the plastic clacky buttons on the only other solid competitor for my attention at the moment, the Nokia something-or-other with GPS and a 5mpx cam.

Alright, time to sleep! Enough Renoir videos. -wry-

Zomg! Jenn is up before noon!

Thought I'd write an entry. XD Niisama is at work -- hope his interview went fine, and work is okay/not too stressful. Today, I'm grateful...uh, forgot my train of thought. XD Ohhh right. I'm grateful for being able to wake up before 9 and not feeling like shit! :D Though I'll have to wake up at 8 tomorrow...sigh...

I'm also grateful for the money I've earned from today.com -- now all I gotta do is wait for the AUD to go down against the USD before I convert them. I feel evil now. XD But meh, still haven't received Ruddbux yet....religiously checking. In the meantime, everyday account has $1.49 in it. -grins- I'm burnin' mah plastic!

I'm not grateful that I actually have to go out and buy pads...for the first time in MONTHS. And here I was, happily buying a new set of liners. Maybe I can use them a few months down the line. >.>

Hooray for bilingualism~

I have to finish something up in an hour's time before niisama comes, but I figured might as well post...

Those who've noticed this blog languishing should know that I spend most of my blogging time/energy on my anime blog, [*Anime By the Books*]. Yes, I post once a day there. Yes, I'm grateful about getting paid to post. XD If you'd like to know more about it, please leave a comment with your email and I'll get in touch..(not expecting many to be) I get 5USD for referring people, which I can route back to you.

In any case, I'm once again happy that I know both Chinese and English. It makes watching ChiSubs..possible. -wry- And somehow Chinese subbers are relentless and super fast. I mean, I just got Koukaku 10...should go and watch that. And almost done with Kemono 10.

I remember in school a lot of us used to drag our feet learning Chinese, but in Australia now, my middling-standard Chinese and even my half-bucket Cantonese is a lot more than most people can speak. Surprising, really...I don't want my brother to turn out like a typical only-English-speaking ABC, but I guess aside from dumping him in Chinese school..


I'm grateful for awesome-tasting yusheng, despite my stomach ache earlier. Grateful for niisama coming over yesterday and playing games with us. ^^ Also for hong hong sleeping peacefully beside me -- he smells weally nice!

Above all, I'm grateful for the angpao I'll be getting! Haha, just kidding. =) I'm grateful for spending CNY with my parents, and having abalone and good food. Awesomeness.